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Plans for 2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

To be honest this isn't the start to the year we thought we'd be having. Coronavirus has well and truly kicked the UK and it seems that getting back on track is much slower than any of us had hoped.

February Half Term marked a year since our last in person Stay & Play as we used to know it. It was the last session without masks, hand sanitizer, bookings and track and trace. I don't know about you but it seems a lifetime ago.

This February Half Term we continued with our online sessions, chatting, sharing stories, playing games and supporting each other. A new addition was parent sessions (where many children inevitably crept in but that is our life as parents carers so not unexpected.)

With the vaccination programme going well and if the government roadmap stays on track we are really hoping to be open at Easter albeit in a limited bookable capacity (with masks and hand sanitizer.)

We can't wait for the day the kids can play together as normal and parents can relax.

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